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Experts2The Experts Directory is a register of scholars specialising in Central Eurasia who are keen to make their knowledge available to the media. Media representatives in search of background information or an interview partner may contact any expert listed. We furthermore intend to expand the scope of the Experts Directory to other countries of the region. If experts from elsewhere in Central Eurasia would therefore agree to be listed, please just contact us. This service is provided free of charge, but we request to be informed if an article or interview to which a CESMI expert has contributed is published. (Contact us).

NameCategoryTopics of interestLanguagesContactDownload
Aitpaeva, GulnaraKyrgyzstanKyrgyz folklore, particularly epics (the great epic Manas, small epics), Kyrgyz literature, sacred sites, rituals, education, traditional knowledgeKyrgyz, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Alff, HenrykKazakhstanBorder and borderland studies, development studies, spatial theory, migration and mobility in Central Asia, positionality, translocality, ethnographic methodologyEnglish, German, Kazakh, RussianClick hereCV
Publication list
Beyer, JudithKyrgyzstan, MyanmarLegal and political anthropology, anthropology of the state, ethnomethodology, anthropology of religion, visual anthropologyGerman, English, Russian, Kyrgyz, FrenchClick hereCV
Bichsel, ChristineCentral AsiaHistorical geography, political geography, critical development studies, peace and conflict research, territory, subjectivity, irrigationGerman, English, French, RussianClick hereCV
Publication list
Brauer, BirgitKazakhstan
Politics, economics, local governance, migrationEnglish, German, RussianClick hereCV and publication list to follow soon
Eschment, BeateKazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan“democracy” (political system), elections, succession, nationalism, national minorities, Russia and Central AsiaGerman, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Publication list
Epkenhans, TimTajikistanModern Iran and Central Asia, Islam in Central Asia, Tajikistan, Civil War in Tajikistan, religious elites in Central AsiaPersian, Tajik, some RussianClick hereCV
Gullette, DavidKyrgyzstanSocial and political implications of energy in Central Asia; Conflict assessments and peace building; Social Anthropology; Central Asian StudiesEnglish, RussianClick hereCV available upon request
Hanisch, StefanUzbekistan/GeneralLegal and judicial reform in post-Soviet Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Diverse fields of law and legal issues, in particular rule of law, access to justice, criminal law and criminal procedure, business lawGerman, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Köchümkulova, ElmiraKyrgyzstanCentral Asian nomadism, Central Asian Islam and native belief system, Kyrgyz nomadic culture and national identity, Kyrgyz oral tradition and music, Kyrgyz life cycle rituals including funeral customs and funeral lamentations, Kyrgyz and Kazakh proverbs, Kyrgyz feasting traditions (ash-toylor).Kyrgyz, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Lemon, EdwardTajikistanSecurity studies, Islam, security and secularism in Central Asia, the politics of Tajikistan, migration, political opposition, human rights, conflict and political violence in post-war TajikistanTajik, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Publication list
Monsutti, Alessandro Afghanistan, Pakistan, IranAgriculture, land and rural development; armed conflicts, violence; development, cooperation and aid policies; humanitarian action, intervention; immigrants, refugees, diasporasFrench, Italian, English, DariClick hereCV
Murzakulova, Asel KyrgyzstanCIS, Russian Policy in Сentral Asia, Kyrgyzstan policy, interethnic conflictsEnglish, RussianClick hereCV
Nasritdinov, Emil KyrgyzstanMigrationKyrgyz, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Roche, SophieTajikistanTajikistan, culture, Islam, conflict, civil war, memory, gender, ritual, demography, youth,
Rasht valley
English, German, French, TajikClick hereCV
Schmidt, Matthias KyrgyzstanHuman geography; development geography; human-environment relations; natural resource management; political ecology; post-socialist studies; water, forests, pastures; Kyrgyzstan; Karakoram; Northern PakistanGerman, English, RussianClick hereCV
Publication list
Shamatov, Duishon KyrgyzstanEducation reforms, educational quality, assessment, curriculum, school education and higher education, language educationKyrgyz, Russian, EnglishClick hereCV
Thieme, SusanCentral and South AsiaMigration, Employment, Higher education, Globalisation, Central and South Asia, SwitzerlandEnglish, GermanClick hereCV
Wolfgramm, Bettina Tajikistan Impact assessment and monitoring of sustainable land management practices;
Soil reflectance spectrometry and digital soil mapping;
Spatial analysis of land cover and land use change, and its direct and indirect drivers;
Knowledge management and decision support;
Geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing
English, GermanClick hereCV