About the blog

“My Take On” is a joint blog-project of the BBC Central Asian Service and the Central Eurasian Media and Scholars Initiative (CESMI). In “My Take On” scholars from within and outside Central Eurasia regularly provide fresh opinions on Central Eurasian politics, culture and history.

Contributions to “My Take On” are published in Kyrgyz, Uzbek and English. While the Kyrgyz versions of “My Take On” are available on the website of the BBC Kyrgyz Service, the Uzbek versions can be accessed on the website of the BBC Uzbek Service. In addition, CESMI publishes the English versions of “My Take On” on this blogspot.

For more information on the Central Eurasian Media and Scholars Initiative (CESMI) please visit us on Facebook or send us a message via the contact form. For news and updates on Central Eurasia in Uzbek and Kyrgyz please visit BBC Uzbek and BBC Kyrgyz.


Hamid Ismailov (BBC Central Asian Service)

Annabell Körner (Tübingen University, Germany)

Carolin Maertens (Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany)

Tobias Marschall (Tübingen University, Germany)

Annika Schmeding (Boston University, USA)


Are you a scholar with Central Eurasia as your/a field of expertise? Would you like to contribute to “My Take On” with a contribution on your research topic in accessible language? Please send us a tentative title and a short description of the topic (not exceeding 300 character incl. blank spaces) via the contact form.